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GROW & Mental Health

Improving Your Mental Health

GROW is recognised by Cheshire East Council as one of the building blocks of community services contributing to good Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing as detailed in their health Joint Strategic Needs Assessment [‘JSNA’] http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/social_care_and_health/jsna/jsna.aspx https://www.cvsce.org.uk/joint-strategic-needs-assessment-jsna/mental-health

We offer support for people who are or who have in the past suffered from mental health issues.  Knutsford GROW offers support to people so that they can undertake a recognised therapeutic activity and in so doing:


We offer the chance for people to volunteer with others in a safe and supervised environment to improve the gardens of older people who due to age or illness are struggling to maintain their own gardens.  We help them maintain and develop their gardens and volunteers are encouraged to participate in a wide range of gardening activities.  There is also an opportunity to work at Tatton Park on occasion as well as being involved in other community gardening projects.  We attempt to tailor make the activities for our volunteers so that they can gain the most from their experience with us while encouraging people to try new things.  We also have a bursary which we can use to help people gain professional qualifications after a period of time with us.


Horticulture as a Therapeutic Medium


Whilst most people will be familiar with the notion of gardening being a pleasant and relaxing pastime, the concept of deliberately working with plants to help to maintain or improve a person’s level of functioning may not be so well known or understood. In working with nature we can learn about the environment, the cycles of life and about ourselves.

Being surrounded by nature and nurturing plants is increasingly being recognised to have beneficial effects at several levels:




Given this ‘natural attraction’ for most people, the processes of nurturing plants can be deliberately used in a structured and planned way to further enhance the potential benefits to an individual:


Thus horticulture and nature are very well suited both to educational and community settings for a wide range of age and ability including those with a physical or learning disability, those who have suffered trauma, loss or disruption or have mental health difficulties. It can be beneficial and rewarding at all these different levels, from the social to the psychotherapeutic.

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