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John (not his real name) came to us originally as part of his experience at school with Petty Pool.  He showed a lot of enthusiasm for the gardening work- particularly on using the Lawn King- a large petrol driven lawn mower.


John has special educational needs and severe learning difficulties.  He comes from a family where there are a number of children with special needs and he is one of the more able.


After school he went to college for a number of years to help him gain independent living skills.  At the end of his time at college he was at a loss about what to do with himself.  He is not capable of working unless he finds a employer who is particularly supportive.


He had enjoyed the social contact at school and college and was feeling that he would lose this aspect of his life.  He then approached us to ask if he could return as a volunteer. He returned as a volunteer and was reunited with his beloved Lawn King although he ‘made friends’ very quickly with our newer mowers.


He has gained a wide variety of gardening skills but he most likes the social aspects of the role.  He will happily talk to our beneficiaries who are always happy to encourage his hard work.  He is also happy to be with our other volunteers young and old and enjoys telling everyone what he has done in the past week.  Since coming back with us he has also volunteered for a woodland project and in a local radio station.  He also attends a guitar group for those with special needs and has written a song about himself. 


He also enjoys our sessions at Tatton Park and really likes working alongside Simon (head gardener) and the other gardeners there.  He has been involved in working in all the gardens- the Japanese garden and the vegetable gardens in particular and was also involved in the development of the Show Garden in 2015 with us and the David Lewis Centre team.  However he was most excited about driving a ride on-mower once under Simon’s supervision.


He continues to grow in confidence and in enthusiasm.