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Here are some short case studies showing how GROW helps real people in their day to day lives - the only thing which has been changed are the beneficiaries' names:

Couple in Failing Health

Winston & Molly (not their real names) are in their seventies who have lived in the area for years and Molly is an avid wildlife gardener. When Winston had some serious health issues GROW came in to help with the garden. Sadly Molly now has Parkinson’s and dementia so is unable to get outside and Winston is a full time carer for her.  Although she can no longer get out much she loves to sit in the window and look at the garden.   Woe betide anyone that tries to cut back the nettles as Molly wants them as a haven for butterflies.

 Combatting Loneliness

Irene (not her real name) is one of our longest beneficiaries and has lived here for 50 years. Irene was an avid gardener but due to arthritis she could no longer manage the garden after the death of her husband.  GROW started looking after her garden over 10 years ago and Irene always puts the kettle on and gets biscuits in.   For Irene a visit from GROW is an opportunity to socialise and catch up with the volunteers as well as seeing her garden spruced up.

 Beneficiariary with Mental Health Issues

Suzie (not her real name) is transitioning and was referred to us by the mental health team.  She volunteered for a while with us but struggled because of severe OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Through her volunteering she met a lot of volunteers and beneficiaries in her community which has stopped her feeling so socially isolated.  We have started to look after Suzie’s garden as both the garden and her home had started to overwhelm her.  Now the garden is tidy and accessible she has been able to spend more time outdoors which has really helped improve her wellbeing.