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Aug 5, 2012

Corporate patron for Knutsford GROW

Tatton Estate Management are GROW's Corporate Patron

Knutsford GROW is pleased to announce the support of Tatton Estate Management as Corporate Patron and a major donor.  This new partnership has the backing of Personal Patron, Mrs Jane Foster, of Arley Hall. The principal objective being to increase the profile locally to help attract more charitable donations and volunteer assistance.

“GROW has being working in the area for over ten years but times are tough” said Chairman Neil Forbes.  “We use a volunteer team of gardeners but we still have to cover our overheads like tool maintenance, safety equipment and the like. Without funding and support we would not be able to continue to help the community the way we do”.  Henry Brooks of Tatton Estate Management said, “We are delighted to be Corporate Patron of such a worthwhile organisation as Knutsford GROW.  We hope our donations and involvement will help to build on the significant contribution made already.  Donations are only part of the jigsaw,  but it is only because of the many dedicated volunteers that GROW is able to make such a fantastic contribution to and for our community.”


Corporate Sponsor - Tatton Estate